Rotogravure Printing Cylinder

Advance Rubtech Industries is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Rotogravure Printing Cylinder.

It is substantial to select a best quality gravure printing cylinder to get the sharpest image on the respective substrate and that is what our laser engraved gravure printing cylinder promises for with low ink GSM while printing on the substrate. The presented gravure printing cylinder is an outcome of our in-depth knowledge in the technology and years long experience in the manufacturing, leveraging the same we have produced cylinder that shares uniform dots on the cylinder as well as even depth of the dots on the cylinder that help in proper ink lay down on the respective substrate and obtain the truly sharp image quality. The seamless construction of our rotogravure printing cylinder also prevents the flaw in the image printing and hence boosts the efficiency and look of the printed substrate.

This printing cylinder is engineered adopting the cutting edge technology and putting the international quality regulations in the priority and hence is dynamically balanced that ultimately reduces the wear on a printing machine, whilst the stainless steel material used in the construction imparts notable sturdiness against the wear and corrosion. These rollers are available with copper plating or nickel plating as per the end user requirement and suitable to print on any type of substrate, be it paper, plastic, film, and more. Both have proven to be an effective in the rotogravure printing operation. Along with extensive dimension options in printing cylinder, we also provide a bespoke range of the same at the best prices in the market.

Available Size option in our Gravure Printing Cylinder:

  • Diameter: 25 mm to 600 mm
  • Length of Shaft: 10 inches to 3 meter
  • Other:  As per end user requirement
Gravure Printing Cylinder Manufacturer