Chemically Etched Roller

Advance Rubtech Industries is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Chemically Etched Roller.

If you are looking for the forefront technology based printing roller, then our chemically etched roller is the exemplary choice for you. The presented roller is machined using the chemical etching process for the engraving on the roller that guarantee for the superior output over the traditional engraving technique. By this technique, we can engrave simple to intricate designs with the highest percentage of accuracy. The engraving carried out by this process does not alter the property of the roller metal and hence you can benefit all the properties of the metal. This chemically etched roller attributes the burr free and uniform finish helps get a zero defect printings on any type of substrate, paper, plastic, film, etc.

This is the cheapest way to engrave roller and thereby the chemically etched roller is also available at the affordable rates over other printing rollers. The rollers are made from the supreme quality stainless steel material and hence does not corrode or wear even under the heavy duty operations and ensure longer service life. Our each machined roller undergoes the stringent quality checks to ascertain its compliance with the international quality regulations and forwarded only if matches every single regulation and hence whatever you purchase from us is guaranteed to deliver the superior printings. We have the widest specification options in this chemically etched roller and also can provide the personalized one as per your printing needs at the rock bottom prices.

Available Size option in our Chemically Etched Roller:

  • Diameter: 25 mm to 600 mm
  • Length of Shaft: 10 inches to 3 meter
  • Other:  As per end user requirement
supplier and exporter of Chemically Etched Roller