Copper Plated Cylinder

Advance Rubtech Industries is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Copper Plated Cylinder.

Invest in our perfectly copper plated cylinder at the best prices in the industry and make your printing job absolutely effective. The seamless copper coating and superior surface finish have hiked the demand of this copper plated cylinder in the market, which has made us the privilege to become one of the largest manufacturers of the copper plated cylinder in the India. The high end technology based copper plating does not separate from the cylinder for the longer period of time, even if subjected to higher temperatures or heavy load operations as well as prevents abrasion and corrosion issue. Such a supreme quality of these cylinders is an outcome of our adherence to the international quality regulations and stringent quality test at every stage of the manufacturing.

This copper plating cylinder has touched a new level of popularity by delivering the defect free printings in the most efficient manner, which we have stocked in the assorted specifications for the quick delivery. Further, we have that ability to machine this copper plating cylinder as per your thickness and surface requirement in any diameter and length. This copper plating cylinder comes with the quality certificate and is ideal for any type of printing substrate, including crystal, plywood, stone, glass, rubber, leather, BOPP, PE, polypropylene, etc. Get this copper plated cylinder at the rock bottom prices from us and achieve the new level of excellence in your printings today.

Available Size option in our Copper Plated Cylinder:

  • Diameter: 25 mm to 600 mm
  • Length of Shaft: 10 inches to 3 meter
  • Other:  As per end user requirement
supplier and exporter of Copper Plated Cylinder Copper Plated Cylinder from India